How SEO Has Changed In 2017

Everyone who has something interesting to say is present in the online environment. It’s easy to access it, it’s almost free, there are plenty of devices that work with it and it gives you an open gate to different information.

However, even if you do know how to use the internet, there’s always the question about how to use it to your advantage when you are the one who wants to share something with the world. You can have a new online business or the site for your old business; you can have a cooking blog or a site about fashion; you can have a site about almost anything, as people look out for all kinds of information. This being said – what can you use it to make people access your page and still get the best out of it?

For anyone located here, looking for the best SEO services in Houston Texas has become very easy – we’re here to give you some insights about what works in today’s online marketing and what you really need to avoid.

Internet Marketing and SEO

Some time ago, people used these marketing techniques to make their businesses known to the rest of the population – ads in newspapers, flyers or banners, ads on television and radio and so on. Now, with the changes that the internet brought, everyone moved to the online environment. Here in Houston SEO Agency, we can rank you higher than your competition with our new and improved ranking techniques, we are the best SEO Agency in Houston Texas

The internet marketing represents a sum of techniques used for increasing the visibility of your website and determines more people to access your site and become active buyers, increasing your earnings. SEO comes from search engine optimization and it increases the ranking of your website in the results returned by a search engine.

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The Information that You Provide

As we already said, it doesn’t matter what your site is about – you can have any topic ranging from cars to flowers, cooking or fashion, or even medical topics. The secret to having your site more visible is to offer the right kind of information. Google has evolved enormously through the additions of its users, so it now knows how to determine what the right answers are for each search.

To make it to the top of the searches, you need to have original and relevant content. If you have a site about flowers and flower arrangements, you won’t have articles about how to paint your car. It is just an example, but it’s the best to understand what search engines are looking for. Someone who looks for flower arrangement will want to have access to websites about this topic, so you need to offer them exactly what they want.

Write your own content and make sure there are no errors – people will determine in less than 15 seconds if your website is worth reading. It’s one of the rules that help you increase your visibility in the online environment.

Easy Accessibility

Almost everyone has access today to a smart device – a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop, so your website needs to be optimized for all of them. The search engine will look at how the site is displayed on mobile devices, along with the info that they provide.

An online marketing specialist will be able to make your site mobile friendly, but also make sure to ask them to tone down the use of popups. If you don’t pay attention to this small rule, your website might get a penalty and rank lower than you’ve thought.


Making your site is mobile friendly is not merely enough because you’ll also need to pay attention to the titles and the meta-description. Think of your page titles as your free ad – you need to make them appeal to the users just like the ads. Both your page titles and your meta-description need to be catchy to the eyes of the visitors or the users of the search results.

The Audience

If you want to increase your visibility, make sure you offer the best content. We’ve said this already, but it’s just a reminder that people can easily make the difference between someone who pretends and someone who is an expert. You need to become the best in your area, even if this means that you’ll have to make a lot of research to offer your visitors the content that they’re looking for.

Related to the audience, if you’re offering great relevant content, it can bring you natural links. You need the links to increase your ranking, and to make it happen, you need to use your content as your base. This will determine bloggers and other sites to link to your website.

If you have a content, a service or a product that’s great, it will offer you the links more naturally, as people will consider it’s worth linking to it. This process will also get you more traffic, not just more natural links.

More than Just Keywords

The era when people used one or two words for searching something has long gone. Now, people also use questions, so make sure you use more than just commercial keywords in your content. Answer the questions that people use and make the content stand out from the crowd, and it will bring you the visibility that you need.